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Q – I’m pregnant – can I take FORCAPIL® ?
Yes, but only starting from the 4th month pregnancy.

Q - I am breastfeeding my child – can I take FORCAPIL® ?
Yes, Forcapil® can be taken during breastfeeding.

Q – I am taking medical treatment for hair loss – Can I use them together ?

Seek medical advice.

Q – I suffer from extreme hair loss. Can I increase the dose ?
No, the directions for use must be respected. However, it is important to respect the duration of the programme.
If you notice no improvement, seek medical advice.

Q – I am diabetic. There are carbohydrates in the nutritional analysis. Is there a risk of increasing my blood sugar levels ?
The quantity of carbohydrates in the daily dose is extremely low. For example,, one spoonful of sugar is 217 times the dose. If you respect the recommended daily dosage, there isn’t any risk of increased blood sugar levels.

Q – Can I take FORCAPIL® all the time (the whole year)?
No, it is advised to use it as a 3-month programme and if so desired, to alternate it with ALFALFA ARKOCAPS or BREWER’S YEAST.

Q – I am overweight. Should I increase the dose or follow the directions ?
It is necessary to follow the directions. The formula is adapted to adults, regardless of their weight.

Q – Can FORCAPIL® increase the hairiness of the body ?
No, taking FORCAPIL® has no effect on the hairiness of the body. Hair density and hair growth depend on 2 different mechanisms.

Q – How soon after the programme is there a visible improvement ?
It is recommended that the programme be followed for 3 months. Yet, some people notice an improvement after one month.

Q – I have difficulty swallowing capsules. Can I empty the contents of the capsule without putting my stomach at risk? If yes, how should I use it ?
Yes, it is possible to open the capsule and mix the contents with yoghurt, compote, jam or honey… in any mushy substance without risk to your digestion.